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Facilities may be used by faculty and staff to manage at-home learning efforts, including technology support for students and staff. The county notes that at-home learning might involve online content, paper packets, extended readings and research, at-home projects and other options.

  • That means accepting that not all parents are equally able to help their kids keep up academically during this disruptive time.
  • My concern with these disruptions, however, isn’t for professors and parents like me – it’s for elementary, middle and high school students from low-income families.
  • As school leaders decide how to proceed, I encourage them to be mindful of the unequal burden closures will place on students and their families.
  • They rely on schools for food and health services while their parents are at work.

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The Woodside Elementary School District began its distance learning program on March 18. Students were dismissed on March 16 and 17 to give teachers time to prepare distance-learning lessons.

Yes I also remember one teacher saying the district didn’t allow teachers to use zoom to communicate. We’re free vpn for iphone trying to make the most of things and doing our part in the quarentine. If you do nothing for the rest of the year but let them read and watch Ken Burns’ documentaries, they will still be fine. For seniors, there are AP test prep books with plenty of time for even the most nervous to prepare. Without the burden of constant graded assignments, students are free to learn and better prepare for the test.

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Classes will be recorded so students who might be in a different time zone can view them later too, he noted. Last week, the district surveyed students and handed out Chromebooks to students who said they didn’t have devices they could work on at home, according to the district website. Mobile hotspots for internet access also became available to students on March 18. Students in kindergarten through third grade can pick up and drop off assignments at Ormondale School, he said. Pickup and drop-off times are intentionally staggered so there aren’t a lot of people together at one time, he noted.

It’s a lot to manage not to mention children don’t behave as well for their parents so trying to get them to do their week is hard. I think the school district is going to have to prepare for students to be behind next year if we never go back. I’m a stay at home mom and am trying to simultaneously keep the household running so I can’t even imagine what it’s like for duel income households. We’re are trying to do out best but it’s stressful just sorting through all of the material.

College and university closures are also raising uncertainty for Jiro about his future. He has been admitted to Stanford but the university’s annual weekend for admitted students, an event that helps many prospective students decide where to attend college, has been called off. "With admit days/weekends being cancelled at institutions across the nation, it seems that this year students will have to make decisions through virtual tours and internet research instead," he said.

The school is using Zoom to have small group video conferencing and some one-on-one check-ins between students and teachers. The plan is for teachers in English language arts and math to each set up small group check-ins at least twice a week, so students get four check-ins weekly. Distance learning started March 17 at Bullis Charter School and seems to be going smoothly, according to Principal Cynthia Brictson. Students in kindergarten through second grade are using the Seesaw platform, while older students are using Google Classroom. The Los Altos School District had been preparing for several weeks for potential school closures, and was set to start on its distance learning program Wednesday, March 18, according to Superintendent Jeff Baier.

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