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We didn’t find a convenient way of adding or removing contacts from a list, which was a significant drawback. We managed to do it by exporting the list, making changes, and importing it again to a different list, but that took a lot of effort. Mailchimp’s 24/7 email and live chat support is available with the paid plans, and you get additional phone support with the highest-tier plan. However, when signing up with either the free plan or any paid plans, you get a 30-days email support perk. They also have a substantial knowledge base with useful articles and guides. Mailchimp has all the modern features that are necessary for running a successful email campaign.


Most of these options open a popup window and don’t redirect you to a different page, except when you want to redo the editing phase. You can add your contacts easily through the quick-action buttons from the dashboard. You can choose to upload your contacts individually or import them from a file.

Also, make sure to choose an email management solution with personalization capabilities. By having a singular platform for your professionals to work on, your team will have no choice but to collaborate on how to manage processes, tasks, and best practices.

Depending on your contact list’s size, the importing may take a couple of seconds up to a few hours. Constant Contact offers an extraordinary 60-day free trial without needing a credit card. You’re limited to 100 contacts during the trial period, but it still gives you a safe opportunity to test their service. Besides, you get a 30-day money-back guarantee with the paid plans. Apart from the free plan, Sendinblue’s cheapest plan starts at $25/month with 10,000 emails ($0.0025/email). For example, emails are now opened more on mobile than on desktop. This means that optimizing your emails to account for mobile devices is paramount to your campaign’s success.

You then have the option to send the email immediately or schedule it to a later date. GetResponse’s pricing model is based on the number of contacts you have on your list. Once you create your email, you are directed to the summary page. Here you can name your campaign, write the subject line, and add your email recipients.

You can build your email in plain text, custom HTML code, or choose a template or pre-built layouts. The latter opens up the Mailchimp’s drag and drop design tool.

The structure is quite solid; however, we found that accessing a block’s additional options covers the entire toolbar, which is a bit annoying. One of the best features of Mailchimp’s email builder is the integrated image editor. After you have your account set up, Mailchimp’s dashboard prompts you to import email contacts either from a file or by copy-pasting it. You then organize your contacts’ statuses, add tags, insert additional information, and review the outcome. When you need to add or remove information or contacts, you can easily do that from the Audience Dashboard. However, their email editor and dashboard are easy to access from the mobile browser with full functionality. The next step takes you to the preview area, where you can see the full message and double-check if it’s ready to go.

81% of B2B marketers use email newsletters for content marketing, as the Content Marketing Institute study in 2020 found. Furthermore, 31% of B2B marketers voted email newsletters as the best medium to nurture leads.

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Also, with built-in collaboration tools such as messaging, commenting, and even concurrent editing, personnel won’t need to switch back and forth between apps. NetHunt CRM. It adds an essential CRM-centric framework and workflow to your email management processes. This solution works closely with your Google accounts and apps. It extends their capabilities and turns them into a full-fledged email-based CRM suite. There are three trends that you need to consider when choosing and using email management software solutions. Price is an important factor to consider when choosing the right email management software solution for your company. And, pricing plans usually depend on the payment schemes made available.

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